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RYA International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea

To be safe at sea you must be able to identify other vessels by their special lights and shapes and predict how they are likely to alter course or speed in a potential collision situation.

The COLREGS have been written for mariners by mariners, coupled with Tim Bartlett's clear text and illustrations this book provides an authoritative and clear explanation of thiss vital maritime subject. The more seafarers who understand and use the contents of this book, the safer the sea will be.

This book is an excellent reference, especially when teamed with the animations and interactive control offered by the Vessel Lights Simulator program.

Please note:

We no longer sell any books. Our Tutor Plus range includes a tutorial program which covers much of what you would find in books.

However, if you want these books, you should be able to obtain them through your usual nautical books supplier.