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Marine GPS Navigation Tutorial

GPS Navigation is used everywhere, but marine GPS needs more understanding for correct safe use. Learn to get easier, quicker fixes and to avoid the common pitfalls, by using this interactive teaching program. Covers set-up, installation and professional methods.

Setting Up the Right Way

Your GPS is very versatile, but you must choose the right settings, or you can make serious navigation errors. Learn the correct way to set up your system.
GPS Tutor CD can teach you to set up your marine GPS correctly.

Typical Controls & Displays

Marine GPS sets offer many different displays of the available information. Find the most helpful read-out for any situation. Learn to use the ideal functions.
Learn the controls and displays available on most marine GPS sets.

Understanding Accuracy

HDOP, GDOP, WAAS, SA & EGNOS are typical of the many acronyms around GPS accuracy. Untangle the mysteries and ensure you get the best fix possible.
Understand the limits of accuracy with GPS, DGPS and WAAS.

Installation & Initialisation

Correct installation and first-time operation mean less hassle and faster time to initial fix. Ensure your system is reliable and gives you the right information.
How to Install and Initialise the GPS on your boat.

Professional Techniques

Get faster, more reliable position fixes with these proven methods. Less time at the chart table means more time on deck, in full command of your vessel.
Learn professional GPS navigation techniques.

Passage Planning

Planning your passage is vital for safety and a legal requirement. Learn the essential information which you must include when you plan any boat trip.
The importance of passage planning before every boat trip.
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Professional Use  £ 59.95
Watch instructional video clip about the GPS tutorial.
View details of the LightMaster GPS Tutorial.