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RomanCart provide secure shopping for Nautical Software products.

How to Use the Shopping Cart

The easiest way to purchase software or books


If you look at the address bar when at the Shopping Cart, you will see the site address shows RomanCart. This is the third-party company who manage the secure server on which your purchase details are stored for processing. Their business is secure shopping and their cart system is proven with over 40,000 online shops worldwide. Your details are secure and confirmed by Verisign

Adding Products to the Cart

Wherever you see an Add to Cart button, simply click to add the relevant program or book to your virtual shopping trolley. You will be taken to a view of the cart, with any goods you have selected listed and priced. You can return to the page where you last selected a product by clicking on Continue Shopping, or click Checkout to proceed to enter your details and complete the purchase.

Amending Items in the Cart

You can increase the quantity of any item by typing a new figure in the Quantity box and selecting Recalculate. To remove an item completely, just set the Quantity to zero and Recalculate.

To return to your previous Products page

Please use the Continue Shopping link

Delivery Details and Payment

To proceed to enter the necessary information, click the Checkout link

Invoice and Delivery Details

When you select Checkout, you will be taken to a form to enter the Invoice Address and Contact Details. Items marked * must be completed before you can progress past this page.

If your Delivery Address is the same as the Invoice Address, just click the link to copy details.

Credit/Debit Card Processing

We can accept most credit or debit cards, but not American Express. Cards are processed by a secure specialist processing company. Only they ever see your card details. See note below.

View Cart - Page not Found

If you click the View Cart menu option before you have placed any items in the cart, you will see a "404 Error - Page not Found". This is normal, because no cart page has been created for you, until you select your first product. Simply use the Back button on your browser to return to the page you were viewing.

Any Problem in Shopping

Please contact us by any of the methods on the Contact Page, if you experience any difficulty or have any query..