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Short Range Certificate (SRC) required for operating marine VHF radio.

Marine VHF DSC Radio Tutor

Step-by-Step Guide to Operating Boat Radios

Index of training modules in VHF Radio tutor.
Manual input of position for VHF DSC radio in case of GPS signal failure.
Learning to handle incoming VHF DSC Alerts with Radio Tutorial.
Audio examples of VHF Procedural Words demonstrated in context.


This VHF DSC training Tutor uses animations and interactive programming to teach you all about Marine VHF radio fopr small craft. It covers the basics of VHF; what DSC is all about; provides audio examples of VHF radio procedures; and offers hands-on experience operating all the controls and functions of a Class-D radio. Class-D is the GMDSS specification for small-craft use and has no Distress Acknowledgement or Distress Relay functions.

Tutorial Description

The VHF DSC Tutor is PC software, supplied on a CD. The program is best installed to the hard drive of the PC and is then launched from its desktop icon when required. It can be run from the CD if required. The following modules guide you through all the steps necessary to operate a DSC radio in compliance with GMDSS.

VHF Basics

The Tutorial has illustrations, animations and text to explain how VHF radio works; operating range; channel usage; and operating controls.

Digital Selective Calling

Digital Selective Calling - DSC - is explained, together with all its acronyms, such as MMSI and MID. The various types of alert are introduced and examples given.

Voice Procedures

DSC reduces the need for making initial calls by voice, but it is still important to know the various procedures once communication is established. Audio examples bring the procedures to life, while animations highlight the Pro-Words used to clarify communications.

VHF DSC Radio Operation Step-by-Step

Every major operation on a marine VHF DSC radio is illustrated step-by-step. This includes sending and receiving DSC Alerts, setting positions manually, editing the MMSI directory, viewing logs of received calls and choosing working channels. Every aspect of Distress Alerts is covered.

You are guided to carry out these operations for yourself, with the program checking your progress.

PC Requirements to Run the VHF DSC Tutor

Personal Study £19.95
Professional Use £59.95

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